Virtual Soulful Sips (curated wine box by Tuanni)

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Soulful Sips Wine box.

Order your virtual wine box kit in time and have it ready for your scheduled virtual wine tasting with Tuanni!

The wine box includes three wines thoughtfully selected by award winning certified Sommelier, Tuanni Price.
Tuanni is a celebrity wine guide, she hosted Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade when they visited Cape Town South Africa.
Tuanni is the only Black Sommelier to be featured in both the LA Times and New York Times
Her wine experiences are ranked in the top 10 by USA Today and GQ South Africa

Soulful Sips is specially curated to feature wines from The House of Henkel Brand from the USA and South Africa.  This curated wine box includes three delicious wines that narrate the story of this remarkable Women in Wine.
  • The House of Henkel Brand, the first of its kind. by a Women Owned, South African-American.
  • The list is curated by your favorite black sommelier and wine educator (Tuanni Price)
  • The distribution and import company are women owned and family operated. (Fumana).
  • The House of Henkel brand was first revealed at the Emmy's SE and most recently served at the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame.

 All times are good times to recycle and invest in the Women in Wine during National Women's month, however, is a must.  Let’s show the world what happens when we, our friends and our allies recycle dollars and support!

Celebrate Women's Month with this virtual wine experience.  Tuanni will host you and walk you through the wines, the regions and share personal stories of her interactions with the brand owners, Moira and Gretchen Henkel 

 Here to support:

  1. Purchase your wine kit from Fumana Wines: 
  2. Book your Virtual Event Date with Zuri Wines Here is a list of the wines in the kit:


Wine Brand



House of Henkel


Signature Methode Cap Classique Brut 

House of Henkel


2022 Gretchen Chenin Blanc

House of Henkel


2019 Gretchen Pinotage