We bring superior South African wines to your USA doorstep.

Award winning. Ethically produced. Affordable.

We bring exquisite wines to your doorstep

Tired of wandering the wine aisles, hoping the moderately-priced bottle you bring home will wow your dinner guests?

Choosing quality wine that won’t break your wallet is overwhelming. But what if you didn’t have to keep reaching for that bottom shelf wine and hoping for the best?

We take the guessing game out of searching for award-winning wine by bringing the best South African wines right to your doorstep.

No more last minute grocery store runs.
No more frustration in the wine aisle.
No more wondering what quality wine tastes like.

Immerse your palate in exotic wines, straight from the tip of Africa.


I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Fumana- I joined the Connoisseur Wine Club in 2020 and have been thrilled with the wine selection. What a godsend during quarantine! Thank you for bringing a bit of my favourite place on earth to my doorstep.

Nicholas M.

“I have had practically every white and red wine they have imported and find all of them to be superior to anything I have had in the past. All are superb but my favorite is the Eikendal Pinotage.”

Earl H.

Thank you Fumana for your excellent service! I have used this company twice in the last few months and have had my orders delivered on time. I was kept up to date on what was happening and notified immediately when there was a few days delay in the shipping from SA. I dealt with the most wonderful staff, competent, knowledgeable on every level and my compliments to the company for this. I will definitely be using Fumana again and can highly recommend them.

Erica B.