Ridgeback Wines

Ridgeback wines is a family owned medium sized wine estate located in the heart of the Cape Winelands just outside of Paarl towards the Swartland . Settled at the foothills of the Paarl Mountain, Ridgeback focuses on producing high quality red and white wines from 2 distinct ranges. The first range is our Lifestyle focused range called Lion Hound and the second our Premium range called Ridgeback. Having such a unique surrounding we are completely committed to produce terroir driven wines and work with cultivars best grown in our area. All of our grapes are hand harvested with a minimalistic approach to wine making ensuring only the highest quality wines get made. Ridgeback is 60% international and 40% local driven with a strong presence in both markets, evident from multiple awards and recognition received every year. Our goal is to proudly have our wine available in most wine drinking countries.

The estate is also home to Ridgeback House our 4 star guest house situated between our lovely vineyards at the foot of the mountain. Our deck restaurant and wine tasting cellar is unique in its own overlooking a small dam hosting almost 25 different species of water fowl.

At Ridgeback we are committed to sustainability as much as quality. Our sustainability efforts consist of the following:

  • All the wine we currently sell are vegan friendly and contain no animal by products
  • We are integrity and sustainability certified as a part of the estate is dedicated to preserve natural fynbos.
  • All our wines are produced with a minimalistic approach to wine making and completely terroir driven as we try to interfere as little as possible in the wine making process. We also apply some biodynamic farming practices.
  • At the end of 2019 we finished our massive solar energy project and can now supply up to 95% our needed energy from clean, green solar energy.


 The name Ridgeback is inspired by the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog that originates from Southern Africa, where legends and stories abound of their exploits and bravery in the African bushveld. Their tenacity and ruggedness are symbolic of the pioneering spirit of Africa while the pedigree, character and stature of this impressive animal is reflected in our wines and brand. The overriding policy at Ridgeback wines is quality which starts in the vineyards and carries through the production process to the final packaging and presentation of our wines. At Ridgeback we truly strive to produce top quality wine with passion and integrity.