Our Story

Finally, you can sip on some of the finest wines, in that exotic vineyard you always dreamed about, without the 18 hour flight and pile of travel debt.

We get it. Booking a wine tour through the renaissance towns of Tuscany, the foothills of the Andes or the birthplace of Champagne, is that bucket list dream that always seems a little out of reach.

Instead, you settle for the affordable, mass produced wines at the grocery store with romantic sounding descriptions on the bottle, but you never quite know where it falls in terms of quality.

Imagine if you could meet the winemaker of the carefully selected wine you are sipping on, take a journey through the exotic vineyards of South Africa with the very grapes your wine came from and engage your senses with limited edition wines from award winning boutique wineries.

All from your living room couch! 

As South African-Americans, our mission is to introduce you to the little known secret that our homeland is one of the top eight wine producing regions in the world—and you don’t need to hop on an 18 hour flight to Africa to experience it.

We’ve walked the African soil where these fine wines are made. We’ve sat across from world renown winemakers who employ hundreds of locals from their communities who ethically and sustainably produce limited edition wines that are brought to the world market.

When we share the stories of our homeland, while watching our customers sip on award-winning wines, faces light up as they are transported to this hidden gem at the tip of Africa, where two oceans meet. We call it the “wow” factor, and giving you this experience is what our team lives for! 

Whether it’s at your dining room table with dinner guests, at your fine establishment where you keep the wine flowing for your customers, or at your business where you sell high end wines, your consumers will be in awe when they are introduced to these increasingly world renown wines.

As a women-owned and family operated business, Fumana Wine sources our wines exclusively from boutique and artisanal family wine estates in South Africa. We know each winemaker personally and have walked the soil of every vineyard, carefully selecting only the best for our consumers and distributors in the United States.

Fumana Wine’s mission is not only to provide exquisite South African wines on demand to our online customers, but to give wine distributors across the United States the opportunity to offer world class South African wines to their consumers—at prices you can afford and quality that is guaranteed.