Helder Crest Wines

Helder Crest Wine from South Africa - Why It's Special...

The superior quality of our delicious red and delightful white wines stems from the ideal terroir of the vineyards. The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, creating cooler pockets in our elevated plantings, and our fertile soil compositions, add distinct character to our  wines. 

Nurtured and selected with special care, the grapes used to produce wines under the Helder Crest label, are meticulously harnessed for optimal quality.

Helder Crest

About the Vineyards...

Most vineyards of the Helder Crest Collections are located on a south-facing slope of the Helderberg Mountains near Stellenbosch, a popular wine destination known for it's international acclaim in producing world-class wines. 

Helder Crest Wines Available NOWHERE Else in the USA

Fact. Fumana Wine Importers are the only importer of this South African boutique, specialty brand. Hotels in the South of the United States (sorry, we can't name them, but they're privy to good quality wine) are beaming about this brand placed in their upscale bars.


South African wine is exploding in popularity because it can go toe-to-toe with the quality of elite Californian or French wines, at a more accessible price pint because it is still yet to be discovered by the masses.